Sunday, December 22, 2013

Fund Raising Event at Saginaw Vineyard

This past year has been another fun filled list of activities for our band. We have many functions we play each year and some gigs that pop up from time to time that are new. We always enjoy our normal Saginaw Vineyard events, but this year we were involved with a fund raising event for a local celebrity favorite, Marty Martin. Saginaw Vineyard was the host of the fund raiser and with the help and planning from Larry Barkemeyer, we helped by performing during the 4 hour show. Along with our band was Larry's group The Huckleberrys, and also a Eugene favorite, Fiddling Sue. The event was a great success and over a thousand dollars was raised to lend Marty a hand in battling his cancer. We wish the best for Marty Martin and look forward to seeing him continue singing and spreading joy around the community.