Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bluegrass State of Mind

We have finished the recording of our new CD and now have copies available to purchase. Here is a video of the title song for everyone to watch from the new album "Bluegrass State of Mind". The trip Annie took back to North Carolina recently was a fantastic adventure and she visited with many friends and family and also made a stop at the radio station WKRK in Murphy that plays her music. Hope you enjoy this slideshow video we put together of some of our recent activities the last year. If you like our music and want to buy a CD you can visit to to purchase this awesome album!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Looking Back

The past year has been very busy as usual for the annie mae Rhodes Band, and we have enjoyed many fun and exciting events around the area. One of the highlights was the Cottage Grove Bohemia Days Celebration where we were entertained by Chris Booher and his wife and kids. Chris has a very talented group of kids who play fiddle and sing and they put on a great show. Here below are a few pictures from some of the activities and events we performed at over the last year.
Chris Booher Family Band

Setting up at Bohemia Days

Father's Day at Shady Oaks

 Friday Night Indoors at Saginaw Vineyard